The SolSeed Movement
– A Community of Practice

The SolSeed movement is a wisdom tradition that believes the following:

Science has revealed a story about a universe billions of years old which may last forever. This fills us with awe.

We revere the 600 million years of history of complex life on Earth and we are filled with hope by the youth of life when compared to the billions of years of future it will enjoy. We see its story as a story of exuberantly bursting through boundaries to flower and spread.

Humanity is part of this story and we believe that we have a key role to play. The probes that we have sent to explore our solar system have sent back picture after picture of barren lifeless worlds. For every life-rich world like Earth there may be billions of lifeless worlds in the universe.

This creates in us an urge to do two things:

  • nurture and care for the precious life here on Earth and
  • help life burst through the final boundary and take root and flower amongst the stars; to help the Earth give birth to a family of living worlds.

Bring Life!


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