Early progress on Buckleberry and Auberge Paradis

This is the first of what will hopefully be a long series in which SolSeed members report on each other’s progress on our projects.

Buckleberry trail, water and treesEric’s work on building a hobbit-style bed and breakfast at his Buckleberry forest property is off to a strong start, with a new entrance to the property under construction. Eric has narrowed his search for the property’s first “residential structure” to a couple of options, a used trailer or RV that would provide living space to people visiting the land while more permanent structures are under construction.

As for what to build, Eric has some solid design ideas for the hobbit holes and a green-roofed parking garage, which I helped him flesh out and expand at the Shiny Green Acorn Festival last weekend. However, before making final decisions about where everything goes, Eric needs to make a thorough survey of the topography he’ll be building on. (On, not under, because the design actually calls for the hobbit holes to be built on stilts to let water flow freely to the tree roots beneath them!) The survey may also include selection of the best trees in which to build treehouse dwellings linked to the hobbit holes with spiral stairs, an exciting new concept I contributed to the design process.

Joist for kayak storageMeanwhile, work has accelerated on the test bed for the Saumurs’ ideas about running a bed and breakfast for nature aficionados: their new home on the edge of Gatineau Park, which Michelle christened Auberge Paradis (Paradise Inn). Job one is to get the house organized after the move. Eric and Patrick have been working on renovations including a new kayak-storage loft in the garage, which will get the Saumurs’ two kayaks out of the way and free up garage space for storing other stuff. Some new storage shelves in the basement will contribute to this purpose as well. Eric is also working on organizing the family’s collection of seven bicycles, at least some of which will be available for rental when Auberge Paradis opens for business.


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